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Sisingaan Indonesia Cultural Arts Still Exist

Sisingaan Indonesia Cultural Art Still Exist-In an era of modernization of traditional arts as it is today already very rare, especially in large cities where the compound of the society came from many tribes in Indonesia there are of Javanese, Sundanese, Dayak,Batak. and others.

Sisingaan Indonesia
Sisingan in Action

This can be seen when people who live in the city held receptions for example, within the framework of marriage or circumcision most prefer features live music as entertainment for the guests instead of traditional art.

Despite that there are still some people who love more traditional art of modern art in the proved in my village in Sumberjaya housing Bekasi Indonesia traditional art performances was held Sisingaan.

The event was organized within the framework of circumcision one of citizens housing. This scene of a sudden became its own entertainment to the residents of the new housing because this time there was that kind of performance art.

Sisingaan is a traditional art that was born and grew in Subang this art even has become an icon of the Regency of Subang Regency, Subang scent that has both in the country and outside the country.

Performance Sisingaan performed with touring starts from the House to hold a celebration later toured to the housing up to the gate of the housing. Typical of this is the existence of traditional art media litters used to lift the Sisingaan conducted by 4 people with accompanying music.

Not only the people who bear the Sisingaan also do certain motions so it looks Sisingaan it join the sway. And the most interesting attraction is the Jajangkungan that is the person that his appearance is high about 3-4 meters.
Based on my observation of his own Sisingaan there is some form of anyone in the form of a lion, Eagle or Dragon. Each staging sisingaan consists of 3 litters where every stretcher bearing one Sisingaan and waits at least by two young children.

Because this sisingaan is accompanied by music that is loud enough and passes through residential streets only if reasonable citizens housing many of the curious to watch this Sisingaan art scene.

Moreover, new this time in housing we held this kind of scene, plus the event held on Sunday so a growing number of citizens who are watching while there is free entertainment including my personal with deft I immediately take your Smartphone to perpetuate the Sisingaan arts scene.

Such information about the traditional art Siisiangan down to the town of hopefully useful for adding your insight about the traditional arts in Indonesia.

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Sisingaan Indonesia Cultural Arts Still Exist
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