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Sepeda Onthel

Sepeda Onthel

Sepeda Onthel used in the days of the Dutch East Indies.Then in 1970 the existence of the bicycle began to be shifted by bike dungarees more compact size than the size of the high and long and distinguished design for men or women riders. At that time the bike jeans are quite popular is the Phoenix brand of China. Furthermore, Bicycle jeans in the 1980s also began shifting by MTB until now.

Sepeda Onthel later in the 1970s gradually more widely used by rural communities than in urban. But in the end because of the age and rarity, the bicycle has been turned into antiques and unique. Begin situation reverses, Sepeda Onthel that were once discarded, is now in the 2000s actually hunted back by all people ranging from students as to officials. Javanese people say this is the "Wolak-waliking zaman".Public avid for bicycles is growing right along with the threat of global warming.

Now many clubs and community ancient bicycle from various regions in Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke numbering hundreds of communities, and even then only briefly monitored and registered, not to mention there are still many who are not enrolled or participating organization under the auspices of Kosti (Komunitas Sepeda Tua Indonesia=Old Bicycle Community Indonesia)

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Sepeda Onthel
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